Why I love this photograph ~ ‘Happiness’

Documentary wedding photography is about capturing the moment, moments that comes and go in an instant, and recording them so that the viewers of the photographs can relive the moment again and again. With good documentary wedding photography a simple photograph will bring back all of the emotions and atmosphere of the wedding day just by looking at it – A very good photographer once told me that.

The photograph above, titled ‘Happiness’, was taken at Jen & Matt’s Rhinefield House outdoor wedding in the Summer of 2015 and is a true reflection of this couple and their wedding day. It oozes happiness, and also a little nervousness, and was taken during the couples wedding vows. This moment came as the Groom said his name wrong for the second time during the couples vows – a shock to all involved including the Groom himself. In sheer disbelief his Bride erupts in laughter, as do all of the congregation, resulting in the photograph you see here. This photograph is by no means technically perfect but the capture of this moment and the essence behind it is perfection in my mind.

I love capturing moments just like this on a wedding day as it makes my job as the documentary photographer, or a couples witness to the wedding, so much more special. It means that each couple can remember the exact moment the photograph was taken and the feelings they felt at the time. This type of photography is not easy by any means but so much more rewarding. Being a documentary wedding photographer you have to be able to read a situation very quickly and anticipate what is about to happen, as well as being technically equipped to produce the standard of photography to stand out in todays market – a feat many are trying to accomplish, myself included.

I know this Bride and Groom love the photograph above, as do I – I hope you do too.

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