An Engagement photo shoot (or pre wedding photo shoot) is the perfect way to celebrate such a special time in your life, a time that can pass by so quickly as the planning of the wedding takes over. The natural style of my photography documents you as a couple and produces beautiful photographs of you just being ‘you’. All the fun, snuggles, smiles, kisses and giggles that make you who you are as a couple are captured naturally in beautiful surroundings. I photograph all of my engagement photography on location using natural light to enhance the magical moments that you share during the session.

Why have an engagement photo shoot?

There are loads of reasons why having an engagement photo shoot is a great idea. Here are some of them:

  • You get some beautiful pictures that celebrate a very special time in your lives
  • We get to know each other even better before your big day
  • You have some precious time for just the two of you
  • You can use the photographs at your wedding to showcase you as a couple
  • It’s fun and not something you would do everyday
  • We get to know each other even better before your big day
  • You get to experience what it’s like to be photographed by me

Knowing what to expect on your wedding day is priceless

Many people are apprehensive about having their photograph taken by a professional photographer and mainly for for one reason: fear of the unknown. They don’t know what to expect. Will they be made to put themselves into cheesy poses? Are they going to do things that feel silly? I promise you that I won’t do any of these things with you and, without fail, after I’ve spent time getting you to interact with each other naturally, you relax. We also laugh a lot and you’ll even enjoy yourselves, I promise.

Couples who have an engagement shoot also know exactly what to expect on their wedding day. When you know what to expect, you can focus your attention on getting married and celebrating with your closest family and friends!

Being engaged is also such a unique time in your lives and it’s really, really lovely to have a photographic record of it.

One of the few parts of the wedding planning process that is just about the two of you!

Couples that have an engagement photo shoot tell me it’s one of the few parts of the wedding planning process that they can just relax and enjoy. Many of them feel a little bit apprehensive about the shoot but pretty much 100% of them tell me afterwards that they loved it. Having a chance to connect with each other in what can be a very busy time is really, really lovely. I especially enjoy having an opportunity to get to know you a little better which really makes my involvement in your wedding a whole lot more rewarding.

To do something special and book in an engagement photo shoot get in touch via my contact page, email or give me a call on 07834686633. It would be a true honour to capture some wonderful memories for you. Alternatively, to read more about my approach to photographing a wedding or to see more of my photography please visit my wedding page.


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