10 top tips to finding your perfect wedding photographer

As a newly engaged couple it can be a tad overwhelming with the amount of choice for your wedding photographer. It seems every man and his dog claims to be able to photograph weddings however when you do sit down with a nice cup of tea or glass of vino to find for your ‘perfect’ wedding photographer I believe there is a checklist to go through to make sure you are both the perfect fit for one another.

Please use the top tips below as a guide and don’t be afraid to ask the photographers any question at all.

1. Once you have worked out your wedding budget, see how much you have allowed for your wedding photographer. Usually, as a rule of thumb, your wedding photography will cost about 10% of your overall budget.

2. Look on wedding blogs for the really good wedding photographers.Wedding blogs such as Rock My Wedding and Style Me Pretty have a big emphasis on photography and therefore the best wedding photographers are always associated to them to show off the latest weddings they have done. These photographers will probably be covering weddings nationally/internationally and so always look at where they are based otherwise it could be expensive.

3. Look at the photographers rates for travel expenses, this could bump up your overall cost.

4. Look past ‘page 1’ of Google as a lot of the good wedding photographers can be found further down the pages. Generally the first couple of photographers are good at SEO and not as amazing at wedding photography 😉

5. Go to wedding fairs to see what the more local wedding photographers have to offer.

6. Look at the photographers style and does it suit what you are looking for and if it is then have a read of their about page to see what they are like as a person.

7. If you love the style of the imagery a photographer produces contact them with the date of your wedding and ask if they are available. If they don’t have prices on their website, ask if they could supply a list of their wedding packages for you to read through.

8. If you are happy with their prices and get a good feeling from them after speaking with them, book a wedding consultation to take a closer look at their work and get to know them.

9. Have any questions you want to ask the photographer at the consultation ready. Any photographer would be happy to answer them I am sure. One question which I would recommend you ask is whether they are a full time photographer or not. This may seem silly but you would not want a part time lawyer defending you in a court case so why would you want a part time wedding photographer photographing the biggest day of your lives?!

10. Once happy sign away, you have found your ‘perfect’ wedding photographer!!!

I hope these wedding tips have helped, it’s not easy and it does take time but there is a someone out there for everyone.

If you think I may be your perfect photographer please fell free to contact me with your wedding date and I will let you know my availability. Please also view some samples of my work on my website.

Martin 😉


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