How do I find my wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer for DeVere New Place in HampshireIt is so hard to find a good professional wedding photographer who is not only good at taking pictures but will be a joy to have at your wedding. It is so important to meet your wedding photographer before you sign any contracts or hand over any deposits as his work might be amazing but if you don’t get on, it will show in your wedding photographs. A wedding photographer should help you to relax and feel natural even when there is a big camera lens pointing right at you ;). I always suggest to my prospective couples to meet me for a coffee at their venue so we can get to know one another. We can talk about anything and everything from your proposal and wedding day arrangements all the way to how badly Newcastle United are doing this year and who will win Wimbledon! You as bride and grooms are spending an awful lot of your wedding budget on the photography and you want, and rightfully so, to be wowed and pampered. There is absolutely no need to sign a contract with your wedding photographer then and there although your gut will tell you if they are the right person for the two of you. I know when I was getting married, and yes, the photography was my area to organise for our wedding, that I wanted to make sure that my fiance was going to be looked after and in safe hands. We both met with the photographer and got to know him, and insidently we are now very good friends. The last thing I wanted was for my wife to be upset with the images that were produced and the service we received. Bride and grooms spend a considerable amount of time with their wedding photographer and they have to be completely comfortable with them.

If you are thinking that a friend who is good with a camera may be the ideal choice because you can be yourself around them, I would strongly recommend against it. As wedding professionals we have the experience within the industry and if something isn’t going to plan then we know how to adapt and quickly. A couple of examples of things we do before the wedding day are  meeting you and your fiance to make sure every little detail is covered, organise a pre wedding photo shoot at your wedding venue. I always scout the venue for the best places to photograph in, look for where the light will be on the day and familiarise myself with the venue, and staff, if I haven’t photographed their before. I always photograph details, like flowers and cars, artistically which are so important for the album design process and produce a beautiful wedding album which I have studied how to create. These are only a few things I would do to make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible.

I would love to know if you have found this article helpful and if you would like to see some of my work or meet for a coffee please get in contact me and we can arrange a time that suits you.

For some more of my wedding photography work please take a look at the wedding page of my website.

Martin 🙂

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