Why I love this photograph ~ ‘Our Little Family’


For me, as a documentary wedding photographer, this photograph is perfection. It was taken during the Best Man’s speech as he commented how beautiful the Bridesmaids looked and in particular the Bride and Groom’s little girl – Mia. As the whole Grand Hall applauded Mia turned and snuggled into the safety of her daddy’s arms with her mum looking on, beaming with pride. I remember thinking at the time what a wonderful moment to share on your wedding day as I took a quick look at the back of the camera and saw the image before me.

I’ve titled it ‘Our Little Family’ because this is their wonderful little family and portray’s Mia’s endearing personality to perfection. Mia was adorable all day and there were quite a few pictures that I could have chosen to launch this new feature of my blog – ‘Why I love this photograph’. For me though this was one of my favourite pictures from 2015 and had to be first in line. This new weekly feature will give potential clients an insight into why my style of photography resonates so whole heartedly with all of my couples and will show the type of photography they should expect from me on their wedding day.

As a documentary wedding photographer I look for moments just like this one throughout the entire wedding day – special moments that come and go in an instant. This type of photography is a true reflection of the moment that has passed and in years to come will bring back the wonderful memories attached to it.

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