Hi, I’m Martin and I’m a family photographer based in Fareham, Hampshire and I love to capture every family’s special moments and connections. Read on below to understand why I photograph families in a completely natural and honest way.

Your Stories

My images are inspired by my love of people and the stories they have to tell. I specialise in honest, documentary family photography that captures and celebrates real moments, character and individuality.

I believe that life is for love and adventure, and that joy comes from having stories to tell, not things to show.

Don’t miss a moment…

Being a dad of two I know how fast time can fly and how quickly your little ones can grow with their personalities and abilities ever changing as the months and years pass by. These little changes, and the milestones your child makes are so important to record, you just simply don’t want to miss any of it.

Real life isn’t posed, and your child will very rarely sit still always exploring and testing new boundaries. This is why my style of family photography captures you in a natural and fun way that brings their little personalities into the photographs. A family photo session with me gives you your very own family story – a story that includes not only your little ones but mum and dad too. Photographs to enjoy for the moment and last for a lifetime.

Why consider a family photo shoot?

YOU believe in the simple things, the real stuff – family, friends, love, laughter and adventure.

YOU treasure photos of your children but are usually either behind the camera or avoiding it, so you’ve got precious few pictures of you with them, and even fewer with the whole family together.

YOU don’t want someone bossing you around, making you pose and say ‘cheese’ whilst you wished you were somewhere else.

YOU want real stories, real memories and not manufactured ones.

YOU don’t just want to remember what your family looked like, you want to remember your mannerisms, personalities, emotions, connections, expressions – everything that made each of you ‘you’ at that point in time.

YOU don’t want to miss the amazing moments from your kids childhood but the craziness of family life flies by giving you so little time to take it all in.

I understand all of this because I’m a parent too and I feel every single one of these things.

Why choose me for your family photographs?

As a father of 3 beautiful little girls I know how to get the absolute best out of your children, even from the most reluctant of toddlers, and having their little personalities shining through in the photographs. A photo shoot with me will not only be about fun but also your family will be spending some real quality time together which is sometimes very hard to come by unless something special is booked in.

I work exclusively with natural light either in your own home or out and about.

Working in your home is perfect for your little ones as it is a safe space that they feel comfortable in with all of their home comforts close to hand. This is also perfect if you’ve just had your little one – you won’t even have to leave home. We are also blessed with where we live as there are many forests, parks and even the sea to use as the setting for your family photo session if you wanted to go out and about.

We spend a lot of money on wedding photographs and put a huge importance on recording that part of our lives, but what about our families? The real everyday moments between our family are the memories we will have for the rest of our lives and it is these important little moments that I want to record for you.

I find magic and beauty in emotion and connection. My priority is not how you look but rather how you FEEL and connect with one another. I honestly see true beauty in mouth-wide-open laughs, baking craziness, a childs painting masterpiece, laughter lines, daft costumes, messy dens and real, lived-in family homes full of life, energy and laughter. I stand for the beauty of family life and love in all its adventure-filled, heart-bursting glory.


As someone who dislikes having their picture taken myself, I know the thought of having your picture taken isn’t the most appealing thing in the world. What if I were to guarantee no cheese would be involved? If you don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel comfortable and the pictures will look uncomfortable so no one is a winner.


The good stuff doesn’t just appear on those big fancy occasions; it’s there in every real, honest moment and connection that make up the fundamentals of your own everyday family life. Snuggling on the sofa, splashing in the bath, story time, cooking the dinner together, den building, a childs first ice cream, the cuddles after a fall – there’s magic and adventure in it all.


I’ve never heard anyone say that they had too many photos of their family, but I often hear people tell me they wished they hadn’t left it so long. So many people put it off to wait for a time when their body or house looks ‘better’ – but why, it’s perfect now.

Your kids will care about NONE of this, and be happy they have some real quality time with their mum and dad. Appearances will only matter to you in the future in terms of being able to remember things that are long gone. There will come a time when you look fondly at your tired eyes from broken sleep and longing for the messy house hit by the constant toddler tornados once the kids have all grown up.

You won’t care whether it was all perfect, you’ll just care that you’ve not forgotten, and that you appreciate now what you might have been too exhausted to fully appreciate back in the craziness of raising your family. Your children will look back and remember how special a time it was, or they’ll be captivated to see something they have no way of remembering.


“We were blown away by our family photographs that Martin produced! We can see each individual personality really shining through and all of our children’s little quirks. He was amazing from start to finish and we cannot wait for our next family shoot with him.” – Sarah


There are 2 types of sessions to choose from:



Collections start from £400 and all include high resolution photographs.

Take a look at my portfolio and/or feel free to contact me if you’d prefer.