A photofilm of my two little angels – Hetty & Connie

Updating the blog with the extraordinarily large number of weddings that I have photographed this year – 35 in total to date – is a HUGE job. I fancied taking a little break from displaying the flowing white dresses and gorgeous flower arrangements to show you what is special in my life and what ‘makes me tick’. This photofilm was created for my parents who do not get to see their grandchildren as much as I, or they, would like for various geographical reasons. And so I set out to try and give them an update in an unconventional way, I think I may have succeed.

With the birth of Connie in April, 3 years and 2 weeks after Hetty popped into the world I could not be happier and feel more complete. Hetty refers to our little family as ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ with her being Goldilocks of course and she is not far wrong, although I am not really a porridge eater myself.

In this life we are always searching for perfection in whatever it is we are doing and sometimes it is good to sit back and reflect on what is important. On this occasion they go hand in hand, perfection and importance that is, with my two girls – Hetty and Connie. And so as a little request from my amazing wife I was to photograph Connie at the same age (9 weeks old) and in the same setting as I did for Hetty. The picture above shows them side by side at the same age and always brings a smile everytime I look at it. Hetty being on the left and Connie on the right – my two little angels.

I hope you enjoy this 1 minute glimpse into my little world, I know I have.

photo film of two cute baby girls

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